What to Watch on Sunday: FX’s ‘The Strain’ is not for the squeamish

07/13/2014 6:00 AM

07/13/2014 11:16 AM

The Strain (10pm, FX) - This new horror series from FX has a little of everything. Based on a series of books by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, “The Strain” combines the elements of an outbreak drama with vampires and zombies, with a dash of “Alien” chest-bursting tossed in. Plus, lead Corey Stoll, who plays an epidemiologist, is sporting a killer wig. “The Strain” is entertaining in an almost campy way, but also plenty gross (billboards promoting the show were removed in Los Angeles after complaints from motorists), so it’s maybe not for the squeamish.

Ray Donovan (9pm, Showtime) - The Lieb Schrieber “fixer drama” returns for its second season with an FBI agent learning Ray and Mickey took part in killing Sully Sullivan and demanding that Ray bring in his father. But Mickey is in Mexico and not eager to leave.

Last Ship (9pm, TNT) - Chandler’s leadership is put to the test when the ship’s propulsion system is in danger of breaking down, the crew becomes overworked and exhausted, and Dr. Scott is on the verge of losing her virus research.

Masters of Sex (10pm, Showtime) - In the Season 2 premiere, Masters is dealing with the ramifications of his disastrous presentation and being fired from the hospital.

The Leftovers (10pm, HBO) - Undaunted by death threats and diminishing attendance, Reverend Jamison maintains that not all the Departed should be considered heroes.

Halt and Catch Fire (10pm, AMC) - A visitor from Joe’s past threatens his newfound connection with Cameron. Meanwhile, with Donna out of town, the toll of Gordon’s work catches up with him.

Salem (10pm, WGN) - In the Season 1 finale, Alden comes to learn Mary’s biggest secret.

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