What to Watch on Thursday: USA and FX each debut two new shows

07/17/2014 6:00 AM

07/16/2014 1:58 PM

Satisfaction (10pm, USA) - USA debuts two new dramas tonight, and this one is the better bet. In “Satisfaction,” a successful financial planner becomes dissatisfied with his career (there’s a Jerry Maguire-type meltdown) and when he rushes home to share the news with his wife, he catches her in a compromising situation. His response to the discovery may surprise you. Matt Passmore from A&E’s “Glades” stars.

Also on tonight . . .

Rush (9pm, USA) - This new USA drama about a doctor/fixer in Los Angeles feels like a darker, sleazier version of “Royal Pains.” This on-call doc won’t rat you out if you’re a pro athlete routinely beating his girlfriend and he takes cash up-front. It’s as bad as it sounds.

Welcome to Sweden (9pm, USA) - Bruce and Emma struggle to find time alone while living with her parents. Elsewhere, Bruce takes a language class and makes friends with an Iraqi immigrant who hates Americans. Hates Americans. Also, Bruce’s former client Will Ferrell makes a social call.

Oprah Prime (9pm, OWN) - Oprah interviews Matthew Sandusky, the adopted son of Jerry Sandusky.

Married (10pm, FX) - An inappropriate relationship is developed with a waxing technician in the opener of this new sitcom, in which a married couple rely on the strength of their friendship to get them through parenthood. Nat Faxon and Judy Greer star.

You’re the Worst (10:36pm, FX) - A second new sitcom from FX explores the self-destructive affair between two anti-relationship people who fall for each other.

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