July 19, 2014

What to Watch on Saturday: Hallmark movie a mini ‘Facts of Life’ reunion

In Hallmark’s “For Better or For Worse,” Lisa Whelchel and Kim Fields play friends at a wedding planning business who encounter problems with a divorce lawyer working next door.

For Better or For Worse (9pm, Hallmark) - A widow ( Lisa Whelchel) takes over the family wedding business, but she encounters an unexpected challenge when a divorce attorney ( Antonio Cupo) opens his practice next door to her. Further problems develop when her son begins a romance with an attorney’s daughter. Bonus: this also stars Whelchel’s “Facts of Life” castmate, Kim Fields.

Also on tonight . . .

Expecting Amish (8pm, Lifetime) - Interest in all things Amish continues with this Lifetime movie about an Amish girl who goes on Rumspringa in Hollywood, meets a cute guy, and then must decide if she’ll stay with him and be shunned by her family or return and marry her Amish boyfriend. Plus, she’s pregnant.

Bad Dog! (8pm, Animal Planet) - My conspiracy theory of organized national anti-cat bias is bolstered by this episode of “Bad Dog!”, a show presumably about bad dogs but which opens with a segment about a cat that steals from neighbors. Any chance to heap scorn on Kitty, I guess...

The Unknown Known (9:30pm, History Channel) - This documentary, recently in theaters, features Donald Rumsfeld discussing his career in the U.S. government, focusing primarily on his work as Secretary of Defense during America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Haunting of . . . Wayne Newton (10pm, Lifetime Movie Network) - Wayne Newton revisits a theater in Las Vegas where he encountered the ghost of a famous friend. For real.

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