What to Watch on Sunday: CNN’s ‘Death Row Stories’ looks at Hennis case in NC

07/20/2014 6:00 AM

07/20/2014 12:22 PM

Death Row Stories (10pm, CNN) - Tonight’s installment features the case of Timothy Hennis, an Army sergeant stationed at Fort Bragg who was found guilty of the murders of his wife and two children, but later appealed his conviction in light of new evidence.

Also on . . .

NC Bookwatch (Noon, UNC-TV) - Tom Earnhardt, author of “Crossroads of the Natural World: Exploring North Carolina with Tom Earnhardt,” sits down to talk with host D.G. Martin.

Masterpiece: Endeavour (9pm, UNC-TV) - In the second season finale, Morse investigates the seemingly unconnected case of a missing boy, a dead journalist and an escaped prisoner.

The Last Ship (9pm, TNT) - A mission to help Rachel with her vaccine trials leads Chandler and a small team into the jungles of Nicaragua, where they tangle with a former drug kingpin who will stop at nothing to maintain his power of his oppressed society.

The Lottery (10pm, Lifetime) - A new series about a dystopian future driven by a global fertility crisis. In tonight’s opener, Dr. Alison Lennon fertilizes 100 eggs and convinces the president to hold a national lottery to see who will carry the prized embryos to term. Unfortunately, a battle over the embryos begins.

Oprah’s Master Class (10pm, OWN) - Oprah talks to Billy Bob Thornton of “Fargo.”

The Strain (10pm, FX) - Strange symptoms begin to show up in the four survivors.

Masters of Sex (10pm, Showtime) - Masters begins a new job at Memorial Hospital only to discover that his new boss insists he leave Virginia behind in favor of a handpicked secretary. Meanwhile, DePaul’s condition worsens.

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