July 22, 2014

What to Watch on Tuesday: Drunk or sober, history is fun

Learn little-known facts about Al Capone, find out how Abraham Lincoln evaded assassins in Baltimore before his inauguration and investigate the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa in Michigan.

Al Capone: Icon (8pm, UNC-TV) - A profile of the notorious gangster who rose through the ranks of Chicago’s underworld during the Prohibition years. It is believed he ordered the infamous St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, but he also opened one of the nation’s first soup kitchens, fought for expiration dates on milk and wrote love songs to his wife from prison.

Food Fighters (8pm, NBC) - The debut of the new Adam Richman-hosted cooking competition between amateur cooks and professional chefs.

History Detectives (9pm, UNC-TV) - The team investigates the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, the former Teamster president who was last seen outside the Machus Red Fox Restaurant in Bloomsfield Township, Mich., on July 30, 1975.

Face Off (9pm, Syfy) - Season 7 begins with 16 contestants learning they aren't officially on the show until they survive one final audition. Also, makeup artist Lois Burwell is introduced as the newest member of the judging panel.

Drunk History (10pm, Comedy Central) - This may be my favorite episode of the season so far -- particularly the story in which Abraham Lincoln tries to stay alive in Baltimore on the way to his inauguration. Moth!

Frontline (10pm, UNC-TV) - A look at the economic crisis through the eyes of three young girls in a group of cities along the Iowa-Illinois border.

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