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Last month, national obstetrician organizations together released new guidelines aimed at reducing the spiraling cesarean rate in the U.S. A big change was allowing women much more time in labor, based on new research.

About 200 runners from the Charlotte area will be participating in this year’s Boston Marathon. Among the spectators will be Charlotte’s Nicole Gross, who was injured in last year’s bombing.

Mecklenburg County is withholding its final payment of a $390,000 grant to C.W. Williams Community Health Center after learning the health center is in financial trouble.

Meg McElwain has blogged on the Observer’s website about her son Mitchell’s lifetime fight with leukemia. Diagnosed at 3 months old, and suffering a relapse in February at age 2, Mitchell died April 13. MomsCharlotte’s site administrator Mandy Ravin shares her gratitude.

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