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California-based Dream Foundation helps the terminally ill create one more last memory. For Indian Trail woman, itís a Paul McCartney concert.

The winner: When using latex paint, the brush can be kept soft between coats if it is wrapped tightly in a Charlotte Observer plastic sleeve. It will also last overnight if then placed with a wet cloth wrapped around the sleeve and brush and placed in the refrigerator. No need to clean the brush between coats. Charles R. Kern, Charlotte

The two-hour film brings attention to what can only be called a national epidemic of modern American life – lack of sleep.

I need a pane of slow glass, 14-year thickness.

You may find this hard to believe, but Australian researchers say the number of selfies you take may have an impact on the number of dollars in your paycheck.

Amid ongoing fears of an Ebola outbreak in the United States, Americans got a grim reminder on Tuesday about the ongoing public health threat posed by another deadly virus: HIV.

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