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Make the right choices for a boundary of shrubs

Halloween marks the mid-point of our monthlong window for planting garlic here in Charlotte, mid-October through mid-November. Bury those pale little cloves, so cool and still, in the garden, and like magic they will produce big fat bulbs around the Fourth of July.

L.A. Jackson says the invasive plant is Japanese hops

Whether you decorate for Oktoberfest, a local scarecrow festival, or just want to create a dazzling fall display, then Salsa Deep Orange is a must plant. This is one of several great ornamental peppers that can add spice to your landscape, mixed containers or fall decorating..

Often contractors will open up a wall to take care of electrical work, plumbing or certain other kinds of repairs. Before you sign a contract, find out who will be responsible for fixing the wall.

A home can be made more livable for allergy-sufferers – and less amenable to dust mites – in just a few steps.

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