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The “mom cave” is catching on for the woman of the house. This space is one where a woman can put her feet up or work on projects in solitude, surrounded by her own sense of style.

Cannas are still among the most treasured flowers in the garden because the tropical look is hard to beat.

Millions of people around the world use solar ovens, especially where they have no other fuel source.

A contractor will likely charge more to replace a roof that has a steep pitch. The price also will be based on choices you make.

Hummingbird fans, you must add the shrimp plant to your garden’s floral menu. Your first thought might be the yellow shrimp or lollipop plant, Pachystaychus lutea, also a must-have. But the one I am touting is Justicia brandegeeana and is often referred to as the Mexican shrimp plant.

Sweet basil is the taste of summer and it’s easy to grow

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