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February 28, 2014

What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Taking engagement photos is one of the first exciting steps in the wedding planning process.

Taking engagement photos is one of the first exciting steps in the wedding planning process. Not only is it a great wait to celebrate actually being engaged but the pictures will be something you keep and cherish for years to come. While the experience should be enjoyable, it can definitely be stressful when trying to figure out what to wear. Luckily, I’ve got a few tips to help guide you along.

First thing’s first – be yourself. Choose outfits that reflect you and your fiancé’s personalities. If you are a casual, laidback couple, then let that show. If you like to dress up, then break out your dressiest duds. Remember these pictures are for you not for anyone else. Wearing outfits that you both feel comfortable in will accentuate your style and make the pictures turn out ten times better. Compliment each other. Stay away from matching outfits but don’t stay away from common shades or colors that compliment each other. Also, shoot for outfits that are the same level of dressiness. You should both look like you are dressed to go to the same place. Consider the location. Think about where you’ll be shooting and play your outfits off of the location. If you are shooting in an urban setting, you may want to go with bolder hues to contrast the concrete and steel backdrop. If you are shooting in a grassy field, you may want to choose more natural colors and clothes with a more laidback feel. Don’t be afraid to switch it up. You don’t have to be stuck with one outfit. Make a wardrobe change mid-shoot. Different outfits will give you more of a variety in your pictures. Wear color! Save the white for your wedding day and wear some color. Bright colors will really make your photos pop. Of course, only wear colors that compliment your skin tone and don’t go overboard. Too much color can be a bad thing. Don’t be trendy. You’ll keep these photos forever so keep the ultra trendy clothes out of the picture. You may end up looking back and regretting your choice. Trust me, it’s best to stick to the classics. Bring a positive attitude. The most important thing you can wear is a smile and can-do attitude. If you are tense or stressed out, it will translate into your photos. So just take a deep breath and go have some fun with the man you are soon to marry.

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