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Dog Is My CoPilot is among groups around the country that transport dogs by cars and planes to combat an overabundance of certain breeds in areas, a problem that often results in animal euthanasia.

Duke had been at the Charlotte Humane Society less than 24 hours when Linda Matarese, of Indian Trail, knew he was “The One.” Little more than a year old, Duke was gentle and sweet, but was surrendered by previous owners who said he needed “too much attention.” Now, Duke basks in the love of his forever family, as well as the senior adults and special-needs children he regularly visits as a therapy dog. Linda tells his story.

Q: I rescued my dog Lacy from a bad situation a few years ago. Because of her previous treatment, she still can’t be left alone and won’t walk on a leash, so I must carry her everywhere. She also won’t eat unless I am on the floor with her, feeding her by hand. She is scared all the time. What else can I do?

It was a rainy Seattle day in 2001 when Kathryn Hack received a phone call. Kathryn wanted a young companion for Isaac, her 22-year-old Balinese, and a friend found Abby at the local shelter. Over the past 12 years, Abby has moved from two houses, across the country by plane and car to Charlotte, and blossomed into a wonderful companion. Kathryn tells her story.

Best known as the “Dog Whisperer,” Cesar Millan is a world-renowned dog trainer who came to the United States from Mexico as an illegal immigrant and became a celebrity training dogs for the rich and famous. He is the author of several best-selling books, including “Cesar’s Way,” “Be the Pack Leader” and “How to Raise the Perfect Dog.”

Until two years ago, Kim McHugh had never had a dog, and any feelings toward them would have been described as fear. But when she and her husband, Dave, got Kramer, the tiny black Lab puppy changed her life in a big way. Now, his fervor for tennis balls and seemingly boundless love have made Kramer a special part of the McHugh’s home in Matthews. Kim tells his story.

Giving a pet medication can be tricky, especially if they can feel, taste or smell it before it is given.

With his protective goggles and golden locks, Ruff – he goes by just one name – has the swagger of a rock or sports star.

Fast friends: When I got Zooey home after seeing the vet that day, she immediately laid claim to my husband as her best friend. She loves her mom for practical things, but for anything else, it’s him. Cuddling, playing: her favorite toy is a “bird” – a catnip toy made of feathers, tied to the end of a long string, attached to a pole – that he makes move like a real bird.

In 30 years of publishing as a professor at Princeton Theological Seminary, C. Clifton Black has never received such an outpouring of reader support as he did when he wrote a lament for his dog Pinky, who had died at age 16.

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