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Just call me a proud member of “the Jell-O abusing women’s-page ladies.”

Saltine crackers, butter, lemon juice and condensed milk.

One of the best cooking tips I’ve ever heard is that when you don’t know what to cook, you should chop an onion and start sauteing it. Just the sound and smell of an onion starting to cook is enough to give you some inspiration.

Isn’t it time we stopped the abuse of skinless, boneless chicken breasts on the grill?

I told a caller how to make Creamed Chip Beef on Toast. Of course, he didn’t ask for Creamed Chip Beef on Toast. He asked for SOS, the name it’s probably been called since the first U.S. Marine stormed into the halls of Montezuma.

These days, part of identifying yourself as someone who takes food seriously seems to be declaring how much you hate the word “foodie.” But the pro-foodie camp still gets confused by the fuss.

Every Father’s Day, women struggle with the eternal question: What do men want? I tried out two ideas.

Spring’s flavors seem so vivid after the heavy food we eat in winter. It’s like high-pitched piccolo after the bass notes of all those root vegetables.

What do you cook when you don’t know what to cook?

Last Thursday, the day she turned 106, Ollie Moton sat quietly, straight and still, in the den of the house off Beatties Ford Road where she has lived since 1954.

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Kathleen Purvis
Kathleen Purvis is the Food Editor for The Charlotte Observer.