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Knights schedule | Standings

On Monday, the Knights – who did not qualify for postseason play – wrapped up their final game at the stadium in Charlotte this season, a 9-2 loss to the Gwinnett Braves, in front of 9,540.
When the calendar switched from August to September early Monday morning, whatever intrigue was still swirling around the Los Angeles Dodgers roster vanished.
Former Charlotte 49er baseball player Stu Cole is in his second season as the Colorado Rockies third base coach.

The Charlotte Knights opened their new home ? BB&T BallPark ? on Friday, April 11 and ushered in ...

Charlotte Knights Insider
Charlotte Knights 2, Gwinnett Braves 9

Seeing all 14 teams in the South Atlantic League this summer was a challenging but rewarding adve...

Sally Forth

The Charlotte Knights open BB&T BallPark with their first regular-season International League baseball game on April 11.

Triple-A baseball offers a mix of hot prospects like Knights’ slugger Matt Davidson and veterans like pitchers David Purcey and Mitchell Boggs, looking for one more chance.

~Gwinnett Braves 6, Charlotte Knights 0
~Eli Shenise: Knight For A Day