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Competent Dennis Lehane crime drama enlivened by two top-shelf performances. Grade: B

Except for fun songs from the movie, stage musical remains generic and unmemorable.

Timely world premiere at Actor’s Theatre joins the national dialogue about race.

Movie about two oldsters touring Iceland has mild humor and emotion but misses many of its opportunities. Grade: C+

Citizens of the Universe does a play that’s seldom revived but worth reviving.

Toppman: Italian drama about a world traveler’s introspection has satisfying style but needed to be longer. Grade: B-

Imbecilic thriller wastes strong performance by Pierce Brosnan as a tired spy. Grade: D+

Show about adult film actors remains nearly as shallow as the industry it teases, but it earns laughs.

The IMAX film ‘D-Day: Normandy 1944’ at Discovery Place gives us the clearest understanding of the battle I’ve ever gotten.

Comedy about a zombie daughter has its moments before falling apart.

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Lawrence Toppman
Lawrence Toppman is a theater critic and culture writer with The Charlotte Observer.