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The fight to get her up and running
Lexi Haas is 7, and she can't walk or talk. Her body jerks wildly.
The surgery on her brain was one of the first of its kind.

Hope for Lexi spreads worldwide

SLIDESHOW: Making progress

'Toughest little girl' undergoes 11 hours of surgery

Hopes high for Lexi to return home

Lexi undergoes 2nd surgery; 'everything went great'

Tingle, a touch ... a turning point?

GRAPHIC: Deep brain stimulation

SLIDESHOW: Recovery starts

SLIDESHOW: Time for surgery

SLIDESHOW: Life with Lexi

The fight begins

Hope for Lexi
Video: A 7-year-old Charlotte girl with rare brain damage caused by jaundice faces experimental surgery.
Lexi's surgery
Video: A neurosurgeon connects wires from elec- trodes in her brain to a stimulator/generator im- planted in her abdomen.
Small steps for Lexi
Video: Lexi continues to make progress following experimental brain surgery. 48 hours after surgery