Our dog Lucy is 'the mama of our whole pack'

11/01/2013 3:43 PM

11/01/2013 3:44 PM

Mal Blaine and her significant other, Phil, were looking for a “big” dog to keep their poodle mix, Sam, company. They watched area rescues for months, but never had any luck till New Years Day 2011, when they got the call that Lucy, a Belgian Malinois mix puppy, could come home with them. Mal tells their story.

Parking lot puppy : We were shopping one weekend before Christmas and saw two kids walking a puppy in the parking lot. Their mom said Lucy was going to be a gift and asked if we’d be interested in adopting her if things didn’t work out. We got the call New Years Day and Lucy has been with us ever since.

Sibling socialite : Lucy just turned three and weighs about 100 pounds, which is quite a difference from 10-pound Sam, but they play and are buddies. She also loves our rescue cats, Grace and Kitten. Grace rubs up against Lucy, cleans her eyes and ears and they share Lucy’s bed.

Matronly tendencies : On Dec. 30, 2011, Phil had a significant heart attack and doctors ordered him to rest at least six weeks. One day we were in the backyard, and despite instructions not to do anything strenuous, he picked up a rake to put it away. Lucy took the rake out of his hand and ran to the other end of the yard. She wouldn’t drop it till he went in the house.

Peace of mind : Lucy really is the mama of our whole pack. She won’t go to sleep till we’re all in bed. She still watches out for Phil to make sure he doesn’t overdo it. Lucy is a great guard dog, takes much worry out of my life and is such a blessing. Hilary Trenda


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