Anne and Richard Lafferty

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Anne, 52, and Richard, 61, met through an acquaintance while Anne was attending Pfeiffer College. Richard was the director of public relations and a friendly face. Neither thought of it as a date when Richard, who had his pilot’s license, offered to take Anne flying on the afternoon of Halloween 1982. But they fell in love quickly and the couple married Feb. 4, 1984. They live in Concord and Anne tells their story.

First date: Richard rented a plane regularly and offered to take me up on Halloween, but when we got to the airport, the plane was already in use. He ended up cooking me dinner at his apartment and while neither of us had thought of it as a date at first, we both realized it was as we talked for hours. We did go flying many times after, but I knew that night Richard was it.

When you know: We both knew early on that we would marry, I told my best friend during Christmas break. Given that Richard is 9 years older, was legally separated – but not yet divorced – and the father of two young children, my parents were initially less than thrilled. But after they said their piece they grew to love him too.

Growing together: About six months after we’d been married, Richard got into law school. It was hard moving to Winston-Salem while his children were in Charlotte. But we made it and now Corey and Alison are all grown up and our daughter, Maris, is on her way.

Even now: I’ve always loved Richard’s dry sense of humor and how exceedingly organized he is. I jokingly call him my secretary, and even though it sounds old-fashioned, but he’s always made me feel protected and taken care of. He treats me so well and I’m so incredibly luck and blessed to have him.

Hilary Trenda


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