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While the traditional wedding cake is typically elegant and often intricately decorated in creamy or pastel shades with flowers and ribbons, the groom’s cake is more casual and fun. The first groom’s cakes were usually a dark fruitcake, but in recent years it has evolved into a dark chocolate or chocolate fudge cake, often covered with ganache. Devil’s food and carrot cakes are also good choices when considering various options. As the name might suggest, the groom’s cake is designed to honor him and should be a whimsical representation of his favorite hobby or sport in the flavor he loves. There are many themes and designs that are appropriate, and the following are examples to consider:

Favorite things — fishing, golfing, carpentry, rock climbing, flying, music, art, chessboard, cigar box, book, pet, western, cartoon character Sports — Alma Mater, race car or racing flag, baseball, basketball, football, golf club, golf ball, soccer ball, rugby ball, volleyball, tennis racquet Professions — briefcase, stethoscope, scales of justice, calculator, military emblem, truck, lumber, textiles, police badge, fire hydrant, ambulance Other ideas — flag or heritage symbols, monogram, a basketweave or package design, fresh sugared fruits on or around a beautifully iced cake

Traditionally, the groom’s cake was cut into pieces, boxed up and sent home with guests after the reception. Legend said that if the unmarried women who attended the wedding placed their pieces under their pillows, they would dream about their future husbands. Although these traditions have faded, the groom’s cake has evolved into a standard part of today’s wedding customs. Occasionally, the groom’s cake is served at the wedding reception as a second dessert; however, it is typically part of the rehearsal dinner as to not detract from the wedding cake. No matter when it is served, it is a memorable way to focus attention on the man of the hour.

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