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March 30, 2009

Attendants' duties

What you can expect from the wedding's other players.

Maid/Matron of honor Helps bride with wedding activities, assists in addressing invitations, schedules appointments for bridesmaids, helps select dresses, lends an ear to the bride. Attends pre-wedding festivities and showers. Serves as hostess to bridal shower. Attends rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Pays for her own gown, accessories and travel (if from out of town). Supervises the bridesmaids, coordinates fittings and prepares them for the wedding day. Helps the bride dress before the ceremony and for departure from the reception. Checks bride’s, bridesmaids’ and flower girl’s attire before ceremony. May supply “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Holds groom’s ring until needed in the ceremony and exchanges it for bridal bouquet. Lifts veil during ceremony and arranges train at appropriate times. Signs wedding certificate as legal witness. Stands in receiving line and sits at bridal table at reception.

Best man Plans bachelor party and ensures the groom gets home safely. Attends rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Pays for his own formalwear. Makes sure the groom arrives at the church on time. Supervises the groomsmen. Holds the bride’s ring until needed during ceremony. Oversees the return of rented formalwear. Gives the first toast at reception.

Bridesmaids Assist the bride with wedding activities. Attend pre-wedding festivities and showers. Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Pay for their own gowns, accessories and travel (if from out of town). Help on wedding day with running errands, helping each other get ready, etc. May participate in the receiving line.

Groomsmen Assist groom with wedding activities. Pay for their own formalwear. Attend rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Escort guests to their seats prior to ceremony. Dance with other single ladies at the reception

Flower girl Carries a basket of flowers to scatter down the aisle. If not allowed, she may carry individual flowers to give guests seated along the aisle. Has gown and accessories paid for by her family. Attends rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Ring bearer Carries the ring or rings tied with ribbons on a satin or lacy pillow. He may walk alone or with the flower girl. Attends the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Has outfit paid for by his family.

Mother of the bride Assists in handling details of ceremony and reception. Assists with selection of the bride’s gown, accessories and attendants’ attire. Helps develop guest list and assists in addressing invitations. Selects and purchases her own gown. Discusses color and style with groom’s mother so dresses will complement each other. Attends pre-wedding festivities and showers. Is last to be seated before ceremony and is first to greet guests in receiving line. Serves as hostess of reception with father of the bride.

Father of the bride Escorts his daughter to the ceremony and walks down the aisle with her. Serves as host of the reception. May stand in receiving line or mingle with guests.

Parents of the groom Serve as host and hostess of the rehearsal dinner. Attend pre-wedding festivities. Mother stands in receiving line; father may if he wishes.

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