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March 30, 2009

A happy reunion

Gracefully handle the issue of parents who are no longer a couple.

You want the people you love most to come to your wedding and have a wonderful time. But how do you gracefully handle the issue of parents who are no longer a couple, particularly if one (or both) has remarried? Even though you may feel a little uncomfortable at the thought of bringing everyone together in this very social setting, you can still navigate this situation with ease. As a general rule, unless your divorced parents are good friends, you’ll want to keep them separated whenever possible. At the ceremony, seat the parent that you’re closest to in the front pew with his or her spouse. If that parent is your mother, for example, behind her will be your maternal grandparents, and in the next row you will seat your father and his wife. Should one or both parents not have remarried, giving each the option to sit with a close friend will be an appreciated gesture. When you get to the reception, be sure that each set of parents is seated appropriately (this usually means at different tables), so there are no awkward feelings for your mom and dad, or for the other guests. And you’ll want to take separate photos – for your happy memories, as well as theirs. Make sure to communicate your concerns with your wedding consultant, as she may have great suggestions to assuage any uncomfortable situations.

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