Emotional turbulence

03/30/2009 5:34 PM

06/29/2011 3:20 PM

It finally happened. He popped the question in a storybook proposal and you responded with a giddy, “Yes!” The wedding plans are now in motion, and the appointments are endless. In the midst of it all, something strange begins to lurk in your gut. You can’t put a name to the feeling, but it’s real and becoming more frequent than you would care to discuss. Statistics show that 90 percent of prospective brides will experience various degrees of emotional and psychological low points during the planning process. In addition to the myriad decisions that must be made year prior to the nuptials, the bride begins closing the door to her single, independent lifestyle, and moving from selfish to selfless thinking. Emotional symptoms that can result include sleepless nights, panic attacks, “bridezilla” behavior and feelings of loneliness.

What’s a bride-in-waiting to do? Find a support system. Family members and friends may be ill-equipped to help. Some professional counselors now specialize in counseling brides-to-be. Add a good book to your library. Reading a well-written book by an author knowledgeable on the topic may help you gain an understanding of what you’re experiencing. Come to terms with your feelings – they are real. Not addressing them during the engagement may affect your success in the early stages of your marriage.

Planning a wedding is a time of transition. Everyone is asking about the flowers, the dress and the cake, but no one is asking how you are doing. Staying abreast of your real feelings and finding solutions are key to making the planning process one of life’s greatest joys.

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