The adventure begins

03/30/2009 5:46 PM

12/02/2009 5:20 PM

Moving into your first home together is a satisfying achievement of one of your first and biggest goals as a couple.

One of the most exciting aspects of being newlyweds is the fun of setting up your new home together. You’ve received an array of wedding gifts that will get you off to a wonderful start on this new adventure. Many of these gifts will be a part of your family throughout the years ahead and will play a role in your very own traditions, such as family meals, entertaining and holiday celebrations. And no doubt, each of you has already accumulated many household items you will need to work on blending into your new home. The main question for many couples is rent or buy? Apartment or house? His place or hers? It is highly recommended that if at all possible you move into a place that is new to both of you. If not, have a major discussion first. The current residence of your spouse-to-be will have a history with it; one of you will be moving “in on the other,” causing possible conflicts. It can be done, but it is important that you work together to now make it “yours.” Moving into a place that is new to both of you gives you an opportunity to create and establish your home together. It will be a place that reflects what you enjoy and appreciate as a couple. And you can make it your very own. Determining where you will first live as newlyweds is an issue that should be addressed seriously by all couples, whether you are marrying for the first time or the second time, young or old. Starting off on the right foot can give you great advantages in your marriage. While many couples are building new homes as they plan their weddings, depending on your particular situation, it might be best to rent during your first year of marriage. It can be a house, apartment or condominium – whatever suits your style. The point is to give yourselves a year to adjust to working together on financial matters, exploring different neighborhoods and learning what type of housing style will work best for you as a couple. Then, if you’re ready financially, you can look at buying. There’s no question that buying a home is not only the American Dream, but it is probably the number one dream of most newlyweds. Home ownership is a big step, not only financially, but it can also be demanding of your time and attention. With that said, it can be a source of pride and pure pleasure, and a great investment.

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