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March 30, 2009

Playing the name game

Should you keep your last name?

When you marry, should you keep your name? Take his name? Combine both names?

Proof of marriage is the main requirement to achieve a name change, so you will need to obtain several certified copies of your marriage license (ordinary photocopies are usually not acceptable). For a small fee you can obtain as many certified copies as you wish by contacting the county office where your license was processed. Check with your county’s Register of Deeds Office. (In Mecklenburg County, call 704-336-6090). There are many Web sites that will walk you through the name-changing experience, and some Web sites even sell name-changing kits. Please be aware that you do not have to pay for this information! You can get a perfectly useful name-changing kit for nominal postal cost. Of course, you may simply type a letter stating that you’ve been married and wish to change your name. Then enclose a certified copy of your marriage license and mail to the appropriate recipient. Voilà, your name will be changed!

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