Carolina Bride

March 30, 2009

The REALtor connection

Find confidence when (gasp) looking for a new house.

Agent Assistance

You’re a newlywed couple, and you’re (gasp) looking for a new house. So where to start? Well before anything else – find yourself a real estate agent! While you could arm yourself with a newspaper and the Internet, here are some things that you may want to know before diving in.

An agent can provide you with:

• Professional representation at no cost to you, the buyer. • Confidence, as they can get you pre-approved for financing, and help you further define what you can afford. • More searching abilities than you may be aware of. Real estate agents have access to all Multiple Listing Services (MLS’s), which can significantly cut down on your travel and/or search time. • Knowledge of the market (which areas are development prone, area resale values, etc.)

Once you find your future abode, a real estate agent can also:

• Be your third knowledgeable party in communicating with the attorney, the mortgage lender, and the builder or seller’s agent. • Set up, coordinate and handle inspections.

Finally, find one real estate agent you can work with. He or she can show you many homes, regardless of who holds the listing. This liberty will cut down on unnecessary communication, and lend to an overall better buying experience that will help to make finding your first home together an enjoyable adventure and a happy memory for you both.

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