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March 30, 2009

Floral preservation

Make a unique keepsake from your wedding.

Since the days when young girls pressed cherished floral mementos in books, floral preservation has endured and flourished as a special type of art form. Beautiful flowers are an important part of any wedding, and preserving your bouquet or an arrangement from the reception will make a unique keepsake from your wedding. Your wedding flowers can be preserved through several different processes and in a variety of ways. Some brides choose to have their bouquets displayed in shadow boxes or encased in glass. Others have the actual flowers used to create a wreath, a garland or even a topiary. Prior to your wedding, you will want to discuss preservation methods with your florist or with someone who specializes solely in preserving bridal bouquets. It is important that your wedding flowers are delivered to the floral designer or preservation expert as soon as possible. Make arrangements to have your flowers picked up or delivered immediately after the wedding so that they can be preserved in their freshest state. Ask a friend, or hire a service professional, to handle this detail for you. The flowers should be kept cool prior to the delivery, but the petals should not get wet. Ask your floral designer or preservation artist for tips on transporting them safely. Also, if you’re planning to have your bouquet preserved, you will need an extra one to toss to the single females at your reception. Your floral designer can provide you with a “throwing” bouquet, allowing you to keep your own bridal flowers for sentimental reasons.

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