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April 1, 2009

Prepped & pampered

Enhance the glow of your love with a healthy lifestyle.

On your wedding day you will want to look and feel your most radiant. Enhance the glow of your love through a healthy lifestyle and some professional advice.

Be good to yourself The most beautiful bride is one whose glow comes from within. To ensure that you are at your luminous best, there are simple and effective steps you can take, all of which are common sense good habits that you should establish anyway. Remember to eat well, drink lots of water, exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep. If you are beginning a new exercise, diet, or vitamin routine, start well in advance of your wedding date. Not allowing enough time to see results before the wedding will only cause you to feel disappointed and frustrated. For advice on health and fitness regimens, we recommend that you consult with a professional at a reputable health club or nutrition center, or contact your personal physician. You also should remember to take time out. During the planning stages of your wedding you will be under substantially more stress than usual. Setting aside time for yourself each day will help you wind down and give you a retreat from the wedding whirlwind. Work out at a health club, take a walk, relax in a bubble bath or read a good book. You’ll be both rested and rejuvenated and ready to tackle that wedding with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

Fabulous, fantastic you Once you’ve decided on a wedding date, you’ll need to give a ring ... to your makeup artist and your hairdresser! For the most important event of your life, you don’t want to take a chance that your stylists will not be available. Be sure to contact both professionals early to schedule consultations and subsequent appointments. Considering not using a makeup artist? Think again. With a day full of events that will be captured in photographs and videos, you’ll want to make sure that your makeup is applied just right for the lighting, and to keep you looking beautiful throughout the celebration. As you confer with your hairstylist, discuss exactly what look you’re trying to achieve. Then start working toward that end. This is where early planning is important. If your hair is damaged or you have color issues, plenty of lead time is critical to getting your crowning glory looking glorious again. And if you’d like the more romantic appeal of a longer style, there’s no time like the present to get those tresses growing.

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