Carolina Bride

April 2, 2009

Add a personal touch

Thoughtful ideas to make your guests feel special.
Family and friends will travel far and wide to be with you on your big day. It’s important for you to plan ahead for their arrival, whether they are staying for a night, an entire weekend or longer. These thoughtful ideas are a great way to make anyone feel special: • Give your guests a “glad you can make it” letter outlining the events of the weekend. Include phone numbers that might be helpful to people who are not familiar with the area.
• Have a gift basket awaiting each guest in their room. With a small number of out-of-towners, you may be able to customize each basket – perhaps a mini-spa gift certificate for someone who enjoys being pampered, or a gym pass for the fitness enthusiast. It’s probably best to make standard baskets if your out-of-town guest list is large.
• Coloring books, crayons or playing cards may be the perfect stress reliever for families traveling with children.

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