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April 2, 2009

Add some sparkle

Familiarize yourself with The Four C’s.

After buying you that perfect ring, your new fiancé is most likely well versed in how to choose a premium diamond. But if you’re considering purchasing a sparkling wedding band to match your engagement ring, or if you’re just curious about that rock on your finger, you, should familiarize yourself with what’s commonly known as The Four C’s.

Cut – Many shapes and textures are available to the diamond shopper. The standard cuts are brilliant or round, oval, marquise, pear, heart, and emerald, in addition to more modern designs such as princess and cushion cuts.

Color – There are some “fancy” colored diamonds, but most are clear or show just a tinge of tint. Generally speaking, the less color there is, the greater the value of the stone.

Clarity – Diamonds with few or no imperfections are the most desirable and valuable. Your jeweler can explain the different diamond “grades” based on both color and clarity, which can be determined by viewing through a microscope or jeweler’s loupe.

Carat – A unit of weight for precious stones, the number of carats will affect the size of the diamond. But keep in mind that a large stone is not necessarily best. The cut, color and clarity actually are more important when assessing the value of the diamond.

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