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April 2, 2009

Sound suggestions

Discuss your ideas and schedule with all your key players.

Sound suggestions for a successful soirée:

Don’t gamble on the ramble Discuss with your DJ beforehand how much chatter they should plan on. Perhaps you’ll want them to really get the crowd going, or maybe you’d rather the tunes take the spotlight.

Discuss the difference Having a non-traditional reception? Work out the schedule with your key players, defining times for each event so you are all on the same page.

No john doe Be sure that your DJ introduces the wedding party correctly. Have someone with a difficult name in the bunch? Make a point to clarify the pronunciation in advance.

Size does matter Take note of the dimensions of your location. Can a four-piece ensemble fit comfortably in the area you have reserved? Are there any sound restrictions? Be sure to talk with your reception site manager, as well as your musicians, to find the best fit.

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