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April 2, 2009

Formal photos

Minimize the length of your photo session so that you can get to the party.

Formal photographs are wonderful for preserving memories of your wedding day, but they can take up a lot of time. After the ceremony, you and your guests will be anxious to begin celebrating your marriage, so you won’t want to hold everyone too long before the bridal party arrives at the reception. Here are some ideas to help minimize the length of your photo session so that you can get to the party:

Tracking down family and friends can be very time consuming. Let everyone who will be in the formal pictures know where and when they are to meet. If possible, have some of the formal shots taken prior to the ceremony. Don’t want the groom to see the bride before the ceremony? This would be a great time for the bride and groom to have separate photos taken with their attendants, parents or siblings. Arrange to have the formals taken at the ceremony or reception site. If your venue doesn’t have the scenic setting you’re looking for, consider a stop on the way to your reception. Driving uptown for a skyline backdrop is probably not the most practical idea if your celebration destination is in the opposite direction! Ask your photographer for suggestions. They may be aware of little-known spots that won’t be out of the way. Start big and end small. Take the photographs that include the most people first, so that they can head to the reception as soon as they are done. Photograph efficiently. If each of you has a large family, consider minimizing individual photographs by concentrating on group shots. While you don’t want to rush things, it’s wise to set an ideal time limit. Discuss your preferred time frame with your photographer before the day of the wedding. Be sure to provide and allow time for a list of must-have compositions. Remember this is your wedding day – you should be having fun. Maybe there’s a jokester in the family who can help liven things up. Your photographer can also be invaluable when it comes to creative ideas. Ask!

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