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April 2, 2009

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Tips for preserving and displaying your wedding photos.

When it comes to preserving and displaying wedding photos, most couples like to have not only framed prints to hang on the wall or place on a table, but also a beautiful wedding album to enjoy sharing with friends and family. Albums come in a variety of styles – even digital – and some photographers offer packages that include assembling your pictures in the album.

The bride and groom are a part of the selection process, and many photographers will make suggestions as to shots, sizes and sequence of photos for your album. You might also want to order albums for your parents. You can choose what pictures to include, or ask them what they would like.

Ask to look at sample albums, including some that are several years old (to check for durability). Inquire about the best way to keep your pictures looking crisp and clear for years to come. When you take a trip down memory lane on your 50th anniversary, you’ll want to relive the joy of your wedding just as it happened on that very day.

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