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April 2, 2009

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What you need to begin building your life together.

Many brides are initially uncomfortable with the idea of bridal registry; however, it is how you will inform your guests of what you and your fiancé need to begin building your life together.

The bridal registry is a gift to both you and your guests as it makes their shopping easier while you avoid getting duplicate or unwanted gifts. Most major department stores and national specialty shops offer free computerized bridal registry, which is particularly helpful to out-of-town guests. With a simple phone call or click online, even your long-distance friends and relatives can get you exactly what you need and want. Be sure to include your fiancé in this planning step, as the items you select will furnish the home you will share together. Chances are both of you will already have some household items, so consider what you need before registering. Complimentary services are available in many stores to help you coordinate all the aspects of setting up your new household. In making your selections, be sure to choose items that are likely to be in stock for several months or can be easily ordered. Give your guests a selection of gifts from which they can choose, and include items in several different price ranges. While it is inappropriate to include bridal registry information in wedding invitations, your mother and friends will let others know where you have registered, either by word of mouth or by including information on shower invitations. All you need to do is enjoy the special gifts you will receive and send your thank-you notes!

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