Choosing a videographer

04/02/2009 8:50 PM

04/12/2011 2:29 PM

Do review a demo. Look for the quality in its color, clarity and audio. Also look for fluidity in the camera movement and angles. Your wedding video should look like a movie – not Uncle Ed’s funniest home video. Don’t trust your memories to an amateur. Make sure your videographer is experienced and has a good track record. Ask for references from couples whose weddings they filmed – personal testimonials can go a long way in establishing your comfort level. Do make sure your photographer and videographer work together. Arrange for them to meet beforehand and communicate what kind of look you’re going for. Don’t depend on cutting-edge technology. Just because the videographer’s equipment is the best doesn’t automatically mean your video will be. While good equipment is important, talent and creativity are key. Don’t look back and wish you hadn’t skipped the video. Time after time, couples have commented that they were on the fence but decided to go ahead with their wedding video and are so glad they did. Nothing can surpass the feeling of seeing yourselves as you were during those most wonderful moments.

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