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Of course, you’ve seen or received a wedding invitation at some point in your life, but chances are you didn’t study all of the parts that were included. Here are the vital parts to an invitation:

Outer envelope You’ll need one envelope large enough to contain the invitation plus the other cards that will be included. This envelope has your guest’s address information and yours, handwritten by yourself or a calligrapher.

Inner envelope This envelope protects the actual invitation so that it arrives in your guest’s hands as perfectly as it left yours. Generally, this envelope contains the guest’s title and last name only, along with the offer to bring along a date.

Invitation The possibilities for wedding invitations are endless. You may choose a classic look, include some personal wording, or incorporate the theme of your wedding. Photos, ribbons, beads, fabrics, dried flowers, or even various types of paper stock can make your invitation unique.

Reception card Unless your ceremony and reception are at the same location, you’ll need to advise your guests where to go for the celebration after you formally become Mr. & Mrs. If the reception will be held at the same place, this card may be omitted and the words, “Reception Following” may be added to the invitation itself.

Response card & envelope You certainly want to know who can and cannot make it to your celebration. To determine attendance figures ahead of time, a small card is placed within an envelope that is pre-addressed and stamped for your guest’s convenience. It’s generally a good idea to give an RSVP date, as you’ll need to provide your vendors with an official head count.

Map & directions This is not necessarily required, but if there is some distance between the ceremony and reception, or if many of your guests are from out of town, be sure to include some basic information on how to get from point A to point B.

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