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Carey Mazoyer and Sean Patrick Henry originally met through the dating website eHarmony. Their subscriptions were almost up and neither one was planning to renew. However, they decided to try their luck one more time. They met in December of 2009 at the restaurant 131 Main. “I could tell he was something special,” recalls Carey. “After the date, I was trying to decide if I should wait the standard three days to text or call,” says Sean Patrick. “I sent her a text the next day, and the rest is history.” Less than a year after their first meeting, Sean Patrick decided it was time to make things with Carey even more official. On a weekend in late August 2010, the two were attending a friend’s wedding in Myrtle Beach. The night before the wedding, Sean Patrick took Carey onto their ocean front hotel balcony for a glass of wine. Carey glanced at the napkin beside her glass. Scrawled across the napkin were four words: “Will you marry me?” Once the words registered, Carey, of course, said, “Yes!” Soon after, fireworks exploded in the night sky. It was hard to believe that less than a year earlier they were browsing eHarmony profiles. “We met each other just in time,” says Carey. It didn’t take long for wedding planning to commence. With the help of a wedding planner, Carey began to see her dream wedding take shape. Carey and Sean Patrick envisioned a traditional ceremony coupled with a modern reception. On their big day, the couple was married in an intimate ceremony at Belk Chapel at Queens University. Carey looked simply elegant in her strapless, fitted gown from J. Major’s. Carey’s favorite moment of the day was seeing Sean Patrick get emotional as he saw her walking down the aisle. “It calmed my nerves and really touched my heart,” she says. Sean Patrick and Carey added a special section of the ceremony to include Sean Patrick’s 10-year-old daughter, Abbey, and to solidify the start of their new family. “Sharing our wedding day with Abbey was tremendous,” says Sean Patrick. Carey also got a special surprise at her ceremony, a visit from her grandmother, whom she thought wouldn’t be able to come. The reception took place at the Mint Museum in Uptown Charlotte. Classic Party Rentals helped create a modern and elegant atmosphere with silver satiny cloths, mirrored flower vases and different size tables to mix things up. Beautiful touches of ivory flowers from The Place for Flowers, and candles serenely floating in clear vases worked to create a soft glow around the room. All the attendees danced the night away to the musical choices of Split Second Sound and feasted on a buffet of hors d’oeuvres, which had selections to keep everyone happy. The cake, from Cheesecake, Etc., was the epitome of simple elegance. Surrounded by a little bit of sparkle, each tier offered a different, delicious flavor. Outside, on the terrace, everyone could get some fresh air and also enjoy breathtaking views of uptown. It was a fun atmosphere coupled with a little romance and modern flair. Now, for Carey and Sean Patrick, it’s all about soaking it in. “We just want to enjoy being married,” says Carey. The family of three has hopes of traveling and someday making some new additions. “For now,” Carey says, “we just want to enjoy it.”

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