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After meeting at Elon University during their freshman year, Jamie Warnken and David Springer became fast friends. Jamie quickly developed feelings for him. “When I started liking him, it wasn’t the right time,” Jamie explains. “I hid it from him all those years, and we got to experience college together in friendship.” After graduation, they both moved to the Charlotte area to work for local ministries. In January 2010, David asked Jamie out. “He took me out on a first date then a second date, and on the third date it was clear this is going somewhere fast,” she says. Ten months later, David took Jamie to New York City to celebrate her birthday. “It wasn’t even on my radar that we could be getting engaged that weekend,” she says. After spending the afternoon walking through Central Park, sipping hot chocolate and enjoying the holiday atmosphere of the city, the couple went back to a friend’s apartment, and David asked Jamie to wait outside for a few minutes. Standing out in the cold, she assumed he was lighting candles for her birthday cake. “When he opened the door and I stepped into the room, I was completely confused to see the whole place lit by candlelight,” she says. David grabbed her hands and told her he loved her. He asked her to marry him, and she agreed without a moment of hesitation. With family traveling from different parts of the country, Jamie and David were thrilled to have their wedding in Charlotte – the city where they fell in love. “We think our friends and family fell in love with Charlotte just as much as we both did after college.” They exchanged vows at The Great Aunt Stella Center, as well as their wedding rings from Diamonds Direct SouthPark. “All the details went right,” Jamie says. “We were able to focus on what the day really meant – two lives becoming one.” At the reception, guests enjoyed music from Split Second Sound. Julie Staley from In His Image Photography was there to capture the special moments, including David’s grandmother as she enjoyed herself on the dance floor. The décor from Classic Party Rentals added to the serenity of the day. “I have come down from my shock, but not from cloud nine,” Jamie says. “I still can’t believe he took me on a date in the first place, and now I get to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams!”

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