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03/27/2012 11:43 AM

As told by Lauren: Tim and I met at a small martini bar in the Lake Norman area and decided to have lunch the following day. We spent that Sunday together and talked until 2 a.m., even though we both had to get up early for work. We talked every day that week, and the following Friday (less than a week after meeting), we were off to Charleston, S.C. on a road trip. Within seven days, we had met, gone on three dates and taken a vacation together – we knew we had to be together! To celebrate our three-year anniversary, we went back to Charleston for July Fourth. On the holiday morning, Tim arranged a surprise hotel stay at our favorite hotel in downtown Charleston. All I was told was to be ready by a certain time. He had made reservations at the very same restaurant we went to on our first trip three years prior, and he even asked for the same booth! When we arrived, there were fresh strawberries on the table with my favorite bottle of champagne ready to be poured. All the while, I’m thinking, “What a romantic anniversary!” We had a great dinner, then took a bike taxi over to The Battery and watched the fireworks. He then took me to the same spot in Marion Square where we had spent hours talking over red wine the first weekend after we met. With our feet dangling on top of the John C. Calhoun monument, he proposed. Everyone always asks if he got down on one knee, and he didn’t. He did it just the way I thought he would – his original way. It was “our kind of perfect.”

Lauren and Tim will be married on May 20, 2012.

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