Carolina Bride

April 17, 2012

Southern style

The classic, eclectic, unpretentious and yet elegant characteristics of Southern style allow it to prevail as the joie de vivre of American fashion culture. This season’s wedding favorites exude the femininity and chivalrous charm that exceed the reputation of everything south of the Mason Dixon line.

Look 1
Jessica Simpson dress. $189.
Alexander Scott
Rhinestone and bone hoop drop earrings. $44.
Cottage Chic
Sheswai lacquer in perfecto!. $14.
Vintage boots and sunglasses. Similar styles available at Hong Kong.

Look 2
Fairclough & Co.
Blue and white pocket square. $65.
Yellow pocket square. $48.
Fairclough navy and white gingham dress shirt. $148.
Bow ties (including whisk & key, bullet and brown background). $60.
House of Abbeydale
Custom Sharskin suit. $1195.
Sterling silver pistol "Survive" cufflinks. $150.

Look 3
Carven beige dress. $620.
Meghan Browne Style
Necklace and earrings.
Via Veneto
Brown Delman heels.

Note: In the April/June 2012 issue of Carolina Bride on page 14, the accessories of Look 3 were mislabeled. The necklace and earrings were provided by Meghan Browne Style.

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