Meet the Get Fit finalists!

05/23/2012 9:23 AM

11/05/2013 11:05 AM

Who's going to win the amazing package of prizes? Meet the finalists! Want to know what they're competing for? Click here! Photos by Nathan Abplanalp Photography.

Name: Becca
Current town: Clover, S.C.
Starting weight: 175
July weigh-in: 174
August weigh-in: 170
September weigh-in: 172
October weigh-in: 166
November weigh-in: 162
December weigh-in: 168
Goal weight: 150
"On top of graduating from college next May, I will be exchanging wedding vows. This year I looked in the mirror and realized that I needed to get in shape, not only to fit into my dream wedding dress, but also to feel beautiful from the inside out!"
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Name: Amanda
Current town: Kings Mountain, N.C.
Starting weight: 181
July weigh-in: 180
August weigh-in: 174
September weigh-in: 175
October weigh-in: 174
November weigh-in: 172
December weigh-in: 175
Goal weight: 155
"I am 24 years old, a nursing student, Carolina graduate and a Tar Heel fan. I am ready to make the commitment to get fit for my future husband, my future children and most importantly myself!"
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Name: Brittany
Current town: Huntersville, N.C.
Starting weight: 181
July weigh-in: 174
August weigh-in: 171
September weigh-in: 172
October weigh-in: 175
November weigh-in: 171
December weigh-in: 171
Goal weight: 150
"My fiance has seen me at my tiniest when I was teaching, to my current largest, the result of a combination of comfort, stability and law school. At any size, I know that he is crazy about me and will love me for better or worse, but I refuse to settle for the latter when there is something that I can do about it."
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Name: Alyn
Current town: Huntersville, N.C.
Starting weight: 191
July weigh-in: 187
August weigh-in: 184
September weigh-in: 184
October weigh-in: 185
November weigh-in: 178
December weigh-in: 180
Goal weight: 140
"I really enjoy indulging in sweets (especially chocolate, my weakness!) and lounging on the couch after a long day of teaching. I have fifty pounds to lose, and I’m getting married in 13 months -- so I’m putting it all out there on the line."
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Name: Sheri
Current town: Charlotte, N.C.
Starting weight: 157
July weigh-in: 155
August weigh-in: 151
September weigh-in: 148
October weigh-in: 148
November weigh-in: 146
December weigh-in: 144
Goal weight: 130
"I've never really worried about my health or physical fitness. I played soccer through college, have been a vegetarian for quite some time now, and even majored in Exercise Physiology. Between balancing going back to school for a second degree, working and planning a wedding, I put my health on the back burner. I'm going to find a way to learn to balance my time and health, and I'm ready to hit the ground running!"
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To see the brides in action before their first photo shoot, watch this video from WCNC!

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