Carolina Bride

June 27, 2012

Taken by surprise

Meagan and Josh try a hands-off approach to wedding planning and are wowed by the results.

The couple met when Meagan Eickman was only a senior in high school, but it took years for the two to make it official. On Meagan’s swimming recruitment visit at UNC Chapel Hill, Joshua Glasco was the perfect guide. Meagan soon made the decision to attend UNC, but it was not until after her first couple of years that she and Josh began seriously dating. Both having spots on the university’s swim team allowed them to get to know each other very well and forge the way for a strong relationship. “[Twenty hours of practice] a week resulted in a lot of time together,” says Meagan. Meagan finished school and moved to the Charlotte area, which Josh also called home, to work as a fashion marketing and management instructor at The Art Institute of Charlotte. Before long, her new life fell into a routine: work, an evening spinning class, returning home to pour a glass of wine, followed by a shower and making dinner. Josh saw her habitual actions as an opportunity to catch her off guard and propose. As on any other Tuesday night, Meagan attended her usual spin class after work and came home. Little did she know, that night her routine would be interrupted. Earlier that day, Josh had retrieved a custom-designed engagement ring at Diamonds Direct SouthPark. With the help of Meagan’s mother, he had been able to choose something he knew she would cherish. The one-of-a-kind ring was made with diamonds once belonging to Meagan’s late grandmother. The diamonds had been passed down through three generations. The excitement to give the heirloom ring to his soon-to-be bride was beyond measure, and there was no way he could delay the proposal. Josh attached the prized ring to the stem of her wine glass, but when Meagan returned to the kitchen Josh watched as she took one sip of her wine and then two. She had noticed nothing. It was not until midway through her third sip that Meagan laid eyes upon the ring peeking from below her glass. She remembers actually getting upset and asking, “Is this a joke?” Josh finally knelt down to one knee, thus answering her question. With her mother and a close friend as the wedding planners, Meagan remembered hearing that one of the happiest brides she’d worked with didn’t see the decorations until the week of the wedding. In attempt to find the same happiness and have a stress-free bridal experience, Meagan did the same, only telling her mother and friend what colors she and Josh wanted for the wedding: Carolina blue. Though she was blind to what the day of her wedding would look like, that did not stop her from putting her own personal touches on different aspects of the wedding. The couple chose to purchase cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. She also made bookmark sleeves by hand to hold pictures from the Photo To Go photo booth, which would serve as favors for guests. With her position in the fashion industry at The Art Institute, it was no surprise that when it came time to choose the attire, Meagan knew exactly what she wanted. Her tulle ball gown was complemented by Carolina blue bridesmaids’ dresses from Poffie Girls. Meagan describes herself as a “big worrier,” so she was beyond pleased when there were no major problems on the day of the wedding. The ceremony took place at a Catholic church in Spartanburg, followed by a reception at a local country club. “The look and decorations were all a surprise, and what an amazing surprise they were,” she says. “The personalized touches combined with being surrounded by family and friends made for the perfect day.” Audio To Go provided the music for the reception while Meagan and Josh enjoyed a relaxed time with their guests. Chuck Eaton Photographers was there to capture every moment of the event, from the couple’s first bites of cupcake to the end of their time on the packed dance floor. Meagan says of her unique approach to planning a wedding: “I think I had the ideal bridal experience.”

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