Love is patient

06/27/2012 2:30 PM

09/04/2012 3:33 PM

Melissa Hankins had always been told by her friends that when she met the right man it would “feel right.” So far in her dating endeavors, she hadn’t had that feeling. That is, until the WBTV reporter met financial executive Scott Sannes. Melissa and Scott, who had both spent years looking for the right match, are a true testament to the phrase “love is patient.” The two met on a blind date set up by mutual friends. Finally, Melissa says, “It felt right.” For the next year, the two were inseparable. They talked about marriage early on, so Melissa was prepared for a proposal. However, every time she expected it, the proposal didn’t come. “He would drop to his knee. I’d think it was happening and he would tie his shoe,” laughs Melissa. Scott finally surprised Melissa with a proposal on a Sunday evening. After a long day of work, Melissa came home to find a trail of rose petals leading to a bath filled with bubbles and petals (and Scott himself!) with a beautiful cushion cut diamond ring. Melissa likes to poke fun at Scott over their intimate proposal because she jokes, “How on earth do you tell your Nana you got engaged in the tub?” Melissa and Scott’s patient searching finally paid off a year and a half later. The two wed in a traditional Catholic ceremony at St. Mark’s Cathedral. Scott and Melissa were grinning ear-to-ear as they said their vows. Scott’s mother told Melissa she had never seen him look so happy. “I felt the same way,” says Melissa. Every element of the wedding day had been picked out by both Scott and Melissa, from the delicious cake to the beautiful deep red peonies and orchids from The Place for Flowers. The city of Charlotte served as the backdrop for the reception at Bentley’s on 27. “We wanted the night to be special,” says Melissa. “We wanted it to be a night where our friends and family could get dressed up and leave the kids at home.” There were many memorable moments of the night, all captured by photographer Critsey Rowe. One was when wedding guests surrounded Melissa and Scott on the dance floor and serenaded them with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” Another special moment was Scott’s reception speech. “I was floored at how sweet, touching and funny he was,” remembers Melissa. When thinking of the overall wedding, the words “magical” and “flawless” come to Melissa’s mind. “We are just so grateful and happy,” she says. The couple took a late honeymoon this spring to Hawaii. Since the wedding, they’ve been living in marital bliss. “We wake up grinning and having fun,” says Melissa. They are looking forward to enjoying the next year to themselves before adding little ones to the mix.

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