Carolina Bride

June 27, 2012

Opposites attract

Liane and Ryan forge a friendship after a less-than-romantic beginning.

Liane Della-Posta and Ryan Higgins were introduced when Ryan started working for the brewing company where Liane worked in 2006. In a small office, it was unavoidable that they would run into one another, yet she found him annoying and he thought she was mean. Needless to say, the sparks did not fly right away. With their jobs forcing them to work closely together, Liane and Ryan eventually found some common ground: beer and college football. They started spending time together as friends. “My friends told me he was the one, but I didn’t think so. He was not my type, and definitely not someone I thought I would end up with,” she says. But in 2008, after Ryan returned home from a work conference, everything changed. He surprised her with tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld, not as two friends going to a show, but as their first date. After dating for two years, Liane and Ryan entered 2010 with an unexpected obstacle. That February, Liane’s mom was diagnosed with her second bout of breast cancer. Being the middle child of three girls, Liane felt that she was the only one of the three that could afford to take a leave of absence from work to help care for her mom. After her first week caring for her mom, Liane went to visit Ryan for a weekend. When she arrived at the apartment, Ryan was trying to get Liane to change for dinner. Having only brought jeans and a tank top, they decided to eat at a local, casual sushi spot then rent a movie. Once home, Liane noticed that Ryan was no longer walking beside her. She turned around to see him down on one knee. Crying uncontrollably, she said yes. Right away, they drove to Gastonia to see Liane’s mom and family. Unable to talk, Liane’s mom grabbed Liane’s and Ryan’s hands in her own and held them to her chest. It was through this simple gesture that her mom was able to show them that she approved of the engagement. On the day of the wedding, Liane and Ryan exchanged personal written vows. “One of my favorite moments is when my 85-year-old aunt stood up and passed tissues out to each of us,” Liane says. “It was a little comic relief needed in such a serious moment.” The laughing continued throughout the night, starting with Liane and Ryan’s transition from their slow dance to their choreographed bit to “Lonely Boy” by the Black Keys at the reception. Their guests quickly joined them, dancing nonstop as Split Second Sound catered their entertainment. Christi Falls was there to photograph all the festivities. Liane and Ryan say the mascot cake topper was one of their favorite pieces that tied them both into the wedding. A James Madison’s Duke Dog groom and a South Carolina’s Cocky Bird bride sat atop one of the four cakes made by Nona’s Sweets. Since beer played a large role in bringing them together, they incorporated it with the use of bottle caps as their table markers. They may have gotten off to a slow start, but now these newlyweds are ready to settle into a lifetime of happiness.

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