She said yes! - Busola and Kenyatta

06/28/2012 10:12 AM

11/09/2012 12:11 PM

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As told by Busola:

We met in May 2006 at a place we both love to go the gym! I was working there as a personal trainer when Kenyatta approached me. He complimented me on my legs and introduced himself. We went our separate ways, and it was not until about a month later that we met again at the gym. When we crossed paths this time, Kenyatta said hello, actually pronouncing my name correctly (a hard task for most), while I did not remember his name at all! We were both on our way out of the gym for the day, and he walked me to my car. We talked for about two hours in the parking lot getting to know each other! That was the beginning of God’s plan for our lives together. Years later, we were in Charleston, S.C., for a family wedding. We arrived early and decided to go out for dinner once we were settled in the hotel. As we headed toward downtown Charleston, I noticed that we were passing all of the restaurants. We kept driving for a little longer and ended up at the Battery. Kenyatta had taken me there once before and told me that he used to play there every Sunday as a child; this was a very special place for him. He told me he wanted to take some pictures out there. I was quite surprised because he doesn’t like to take pictures, but I went along with it. During our “photo shoot,” Kenyatta noticed a boat lined with blue lights behind me. He asked me to turn around and look at it in hopes that I would give him enough time to get down on one knee. Unfortunately, I turned back around too quickly, he later told me. The boat came back by again, and Kenyatta told me to take a look to make sure that it would be in the background of the next picture he was going to take. This time, when I turned back around I smiled, ready for my picture to be taken. I saw Kenyatta down on one knee, camera in one hand and a ring in the other. Of course, I was ready to take the picture and the first thing out of my mouth was, “How are you going to take my picture when you’re down there?” That’s when I realized that he was holding a ring! Of course, I said, “Yes!” The surprise was perfect.

Busola and Kenyatta will be married on August 4, 2012

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