Carolina Bride

November 12, 2012

Riverfront romance

Alison and Andrew blend country and class for their special day.

Andrew Norton was on the prowl for the most romantic spot in Savannah, Ga. His girlfriend of two and half years, Alison Seugling, believed their city exploration was purely in the name of a weekend getaway. But it was April 15, 2011, and Andrew had been searching for the perfect place to propose since January. He finally found it at the end of an after-dinner carriage ride. Andrew led Alison along the walkways above the cobblestone street of the famed Riverfront and across the wrought-iron bridges where they sat to watch the ships pass. “I was kind of entranced in the whole area,” Alison says, so she was floored when Andrew proposed. They had been moving toward this moment ever since they met at a Charlotte hot spot. Andrew first set eyes on Alison and waltzed over to “rescue” Alison from his flirtatious friend. They started to talk but had to scream over the bar sounds – the situation was even more absurd because Andrew towered over her. Amused, she decided she needed to see how humorous this guy was. She says she looked at him and said, “Give me one good move.” Andrew busted out the “sprinkler” and pumped his arms across the dance floor. Alison broke into laughter and thought, “Oh yeah, this is going to be fantastic.” They talked for the rest of the night and got along so well during their first date – an early dinner in the SouthPark area – that they got kicked out of the restaurant at closing time. Throughout their courtship, the humor of their first meeting never wavered. “It’s one of the most important things, I think, to both of us,” Alison says. “That was the best quality.” It was this quality that made their wedding plans manageable, as the couple worked hard to balance Alison’s New Jersey background with Andrew’s Tennessee roots. They sought a little bit of country and a little bit of class. So they created natural wood place card holders paired with hand-stained wooden signs that read: “Eat, drink and be married.” They styled their invitations and response cards with an old-fashioned print shop in Nashville to resemble old country music posters. Alison added a dash of class when it came to attire. Her bridesmaids wore slate dresses from New York Bride & Groom and held pale purple hydrangeas arranged by Lily Greenthumb’s Floral Artistry. She carried a single blue hydrangea down the aisle, complementing a headpiece her stylist fashioned from her grandmother’s brooch, blue feathers and a comb. For the bride, the finishing touch was the open photo booth with her photographer, Christi Falls. With guests goofing off with wigs and other props, Alison says, “It really lightened the mood.” She loved how involved her family and friends were able to feel, how she and Andrew were not the affair’s only highlight. “Yes,” she says, “It is about us. But it is about enjoying it with our family.” Now, months into marriage, the sense of humor that brought the two together is what they can call “home.” Andrew works as an engineering manager and Alison is an accountant. “The best part,” she says, “is coming home from a horrible day, just to see his smile and have the comfort of having my best friend waiting for me.”

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