Carolina Bride

December 10, 2012

Laid-back love

A quiet wedding in the country is the perfect fit for Allison and Westley.

Sometimes a quiet wedding in the country is the perfect fit, and for Allison Land and Westley Drum, a little Southern flair was all they needed.

“We definitely wanted it to be low-key, something that wasn’t stressed over too much.” says Allison Land. “The only two things we really wanted going in were that it be very Southern, and very personal.”

When the big day had finally arrived, says Allison, “Things just went by so fast. It was all a blur until the ceremony.” Allison may have been experiencing the pre-wedding in top speed, but when the ceremony started, “everything seemed to slow down. Those are the memories that are most clear,” she says. Surrounded by their family and friends, Westley even got “knighted.” “Yes, he got knighted,” says Allison. “There was the sword over the shoulders and everything. It went along with the wedding, too—it wasn’t just stuck in there.” In order to be knighted, Westley had to vow to protect, serve and love Allison. Not dissimilar from a real knight, but certainly just as noble. The reception was held in a barn that normally stores several vintage automobiles, ensuring enough room for the party. With a multitude of bygone cars parked in the lawn, the sun set over the countryside and cast a pink light over their polished frames. The barn was filled with lights, music, dancing and joy as the day passed and the couple shifted into their newlywed life. With a barbecue dinner and an F250 sendoff, this couple embraced their country side to celebrate with guests.

Now, Allison and Westley continue to enjoy marital life and developing their mutual interests—they’ve even been putting serious consideration into starting a basketball team. “We both like the sport, and think it is a great cooperative learning experience.” With plans for the future and an unpredictable path ahead, the Drums will continue to make leaps and bounds as their marriage blossoms into a lifelong partnership.

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