Carolina Bride

December 28, 2012

Romantic Glow

A time change fiasco turns into a romantic evening for Anne and Erik.

When Charlotte couple Anne Roberts and Erik Knudson started planning their wedding, there were a few things Anne knew she wanted: a comfortable feel, vintage charm. But there was one thing she didn’t plan on: the time change. Excited for a late October, early November date with autumn leaves and an intimate outdoor ceremony at The VanLandingham Estate, she set a 6 p.m. ceremony time, forgetting that the time change would occur the weekend before the nuptials. “Patrick Malloy who did our service, said, ‘Okay, we’ve got a problem, I can’t read my notes! Can I use my iPad?’” says Anne, and that’s when the panic set in. “I thought, Oh no, it’s going to be pitch black!” Sure enough, she looked out at the ceremony site to see a dark night rapidly approaching. Good thing Anne is all about the details—she had already planned on adding soft lighting with an antique finish by hanging chandeliers from the trees and candles in bird cages around the altar. When someone from the bridal party came back from the site and said, “No, it’s romantic, it’ll be beautiful!” Anne was able to breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the rest of the day. And luckily, photographer and expert Critsey Rowe was able to capture the details of the day—even with the lack of sunlight. Now, Anne and Erik have a new project up their sleeves: they’re diving into the updating of their 1930s home. “There’s a lot of work to be done, but it’s fun,” says Anne. Looking back on the day, Anne has no regrets about any of their decisions. “We live right down the street from the VanLandingham so it was very near and dear to us,” she says. “The biggest compliment we got was that people told us it felt like being at our house. I wouldn’t change a thing about it.”

Featured Vendors

Lily Greenthumb’s Wedding & Event Design

Critsey Rowe Photography

Cake Lady Jill, cake
Tre Bella, gown and headpiece
Nordstrom, shoes
Bella Bridesmaid, bridesmaids' dresses
Brooks Brothers, tuxedos
Skatell's, rings
J. Studio, hairstyling
Kymm with Who's the Fairest, makeup styling
Etsy, stationery
Charlotte Strings for Events and All the Right Grooves, music/entertainment
VanLandingham Estate, ceremony and reception location
Rev. Patrick Malloy, clergy
Sunway Charters, transportation

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