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December 28, 2012

In Bloom

Five stunning bridal bouquets with personality.

No two brides are alike, so shouldn’t your flowers be as unique as you are? Floral design is a crucial element in setting the tone for your big day. From an artsy vibe to true romance, we’ve found five bouquets that make a statement.

The Bohemian Bride

“Our ‘bohemian’ brides are in search of natural feeling floral, usually in soft tones, styled to feel as if the floral was hand-picked from someone’s garden. These brides desire a look that is woven together by a consistent theme, but isn’t too perfectly matched.”
-Carey Roberts
Carey Roberts Design Co.,

Carolina Bride

The Romantic Bride

“A romantic bouquet can have softer colors and texture. I like to use ‘fluffy’ flowers like garden roses, peonies, which are also traditional. They provide a lush, full look to show your romance in bloom!”
-Lorie Deatherage
Party Blooms, Carolina Bride

The Artistic Bride

“The artistic bride is looking for something unique but still very pretty. By using the classic white peonies next to the more unusual Orange Pincushion, she gets the best of both!”
-Lingky Sugg
Flowers By Lingky,

Carolina Bride

The Playful Bride

“The playful bride isn't afraid to have a little fun when all eyes are on her! Monochromatic styles are always beautiful, but do tend to be more traditional. In addition to the bright colors, unique textures are key when designing a playful bouquet. We paired unexpected elements, like tropical proteas and safflowers, with mini callas and stock for a pretty twist on tradition! Finish it off with a striped ribbon and a bright satin wrap for a girlie, playful touch.”
-Kristin Dills
Lily Greenthumb’s Wedding & Events,

Carolina Bride

The Modern Bride

“When creating a modern bouquet, we try to use large blooms to create a dramatic impact and texture. Also limiting the color palette to a few colors will help keep it bold yet clean.”
-Jonathan Davis
The Place For Flowers,

Carolina Bride

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