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March 11, 2013

Raising the Bar

Allison and Joe find their perfect match in law school.

“Every morning I’d look for her. She would sit at the top of the stairs in front of the law building, eat a breakfast bar and study notes before class. She was beautiful and smart, even from afar,” says Joe Bowman of his new wife, Allison Hendricks. Allison finishes the story: “Morning after morning, right as I was about to take the first bite, I would see Joe smiling and walking towards me to say hello. The conversations always began the same, ‘I’m so sorry to interrupt your breakfast, but’ We still laugh at the sight of a breakfast bar.“ Allison transferred to the University of South Carolina in her second year of law school, and Joe was one of the first people she met. From their first “date” studying evidence until the day they married, Allison and Joe’s relationship was centered on shared passions for justice, learning, and their faith. The couple threw an intimate wedding with close friends and family members, and one of the highlights was the scripture reading by both the bride and groom. “When the time came, Joe and I faced each other at the altar and read, first him, then me,” says Allison. “It was a moment that I will never forget.” Joe laughs when remembering one detail, and Allison joins in when she hears his story: “After the kiss, we were walking down the steps and I stepped on her dress—we almost fell. Everyone we talked to later was kind enough to admit not seeing it.” And Allison adds, “The day was so completely joyous. In every picture it seemed like we were either crying or laughing.”

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Belin Memorial United Methodist Church, ceremony location
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Lucy Emory Hendricks of Legacy Interiors, consultant

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