Carolina Bride

March 18, 2013

Rustic Elegance

Lauren and Justin celebrate with a wedding in the NC Mountains and simple, rustic details.

When Lauren Cooke’s girlfriends invited her to a Pat Green concert, she wasn’t sure she wanted to go. “I had never heard of Pat Green before, but one of my girlfriends promised me I was going to meet a cowboy that night,” Lauren says. “I just laughed it off.” However, when Justin Henderson walked around the corner of the stage, the pair locked eyes. Her friend played matchmaker for a shy Lauren, and she spent the rest of the concert talking to Justin and learning the Texas Two Step. “At the end of the night, I called almost everyone in my phone book to tell them I had met ‘the one,’” she adds. Although Lauren knew she’d met her future husband, the proposal still took her by surprise. An allergic reaction on one of her work trips caused her to fly home early. After a quick trip to the Urgent Care, and a romantic dinner prepared by Justin, she decided to grab a quick dessert and head to bed. On her way upstairs, Oreos in hand, Justin was waiting in the hallway on one knee. “He had promised to ask me when I looked cute, so my first reaction was absolutely not,” Lauren laughs. “He then said that he loved me, hives and all, and I knew I could trust this man to be with me in sickness and in health.” For the wedding, Lauren and Justin knew they wanted an intimate celebration that captured rustic elegance. “We chose to get married at The Mast Farm Inn,” she says. “With the scenery provided by the NC Mountains, and the historic buildings, you hardly need to decorate.” Keeping it simple, the couple used family Mason jars and filled them with baby’s breath. For an additional homemade touch, Lauren and her family made lace collars for the tops. The finished products were then used to line the aisle and decorate the reception as well. From the decorations to the intimate ceremony, cherishing family was another important part of their celebration. In honor of their loved ones who had passed, as well as for the family who couldn’t make it to the wedding, the couple used a symbol of remembrance throughout the day. “My aunt hand sewed all the poppies that were used as boutonnieres and gifts for our guests,” she explains. “It looked really cool to see all of the guests wearing one in our pictures.” Capturing photos of the poppies and the stunning scenery was the team from Lindsey Lee Photography. “Lindsey and her husband were phenomenal,” Lauren raves. “I went to high school with Lindsey and had always been amazed by her pictures. Our budget centered round being able to get her there.” As a North Carolina native, Lauren has always cherished her family trips to the mountains. When it came time to plan the wedding, it seemed like the perfect location for embracing new family ties. “For me, this felt like another special vacation that I got to share with the people I loved most,” she says. “I think the people and the setting just made the day.”

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Lindsey Lee Photography

Belle Saison Bridal, wedding dress and veil
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Daniel Boone Inn, Reception
David’s Bridal, bridesmaid dresses
Haircut101, hairstylist and make-up
Macy’s, tuxedos
Mast Farm Inn, ceremony, caterers, and wedding night hotel
Reverend George Rosevally (Blue Ridge Ministers), clergy
Stick Boy Bread Company, cake
Zales, engagement and wedding rings

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