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September 23, 2013

She said yes! Taylor & Brian

Brian and I both planned a surprise for each other the day we got engaged.

Taylor Adams & Brian Sullivan Heather Payne Photography

Brian and I both planned a surprise for each other the day we got engaged. I had planned a surprise going away/birthday party for Brian because he was about to move to Des Moines, Iowa, to start med school. His mom and sister would take care of all the cooking and decorations, and I would keep him out of the house all day.

That morning, I had a plan: we would go to the farmers market, grab a late breakfast, then make our way to Birkdale and eventually head over to Northlake. Not long after we had breakfast, Brian asked me if I wanted to go get lunch at a really nice restaurant in Charlotte (I later found out he had made reservations and this is where he was planning to propose). I told Brian I wasn’t hungry because we had just had breakfast and I wasn’t dressed properly to go eat there—he texted his sister and got her to cancel the lunch reservation without me knowing.

We shopped at Birkdale then made our way to Northlake where I proceeded to shop in Anthropologie for THREE hours, and then dragged him to Sephora. I can’t believe he still wanted to propose to me after this, but I was just trying to keep him out of the house. I had no idea he was planning to propose, poor guy!

When we arrived home I took a shower to waste more time before the party. Once I was ready, Brian asked me if I wanted to go have a glass of wine at a wine shop in downtown Hickory. But on our way over to the wine shop, rain started pouring again so we decided not to go since we couldn’t sit outside (I later found out this was Brian’s second attempt to propose).

Finally the rain stopped, and Brian’s mom called him saying she needed him to come pick her and his sister up at the pool (a plan she and I had devised earlier that day to get him to his surprise party). As we drove up, he quickly realized we were throwing him a party once he saw all of his friends’ cars in the parking lot.

At the end of a wonderful night, Brian asked everyone to gather around. He started off by thanking all of his friends for driving in to see him before he left for school. Once I thought Brian was finished thanking everyone, he turned to me and said “Tay, you thought you had a surprise for me today. Well, little did you know, I had a surprise for you, too.” He then came over to me, grabbed my hand, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. We were in the middle of a circle of our friends and family, and of course I said yes!

-As told by Taylor

Taylor and Brian were married July 13, 2013.

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