The Photography Workshop

09/23/2013 3:28 PM

10/02/2013 2:46 PM

Love fantastic photography but don’t know how to describe it? We tasked six of Charlotte’s finest with the challenge of showcasing the terms and techniques to help you find your aesthetic. Of course, each photographer here has the skills to capture a wide range of styles, but for this quick-hit engagement session, they each demonstrated their favorite flair.


Indigo Photography,
Editorial portraiture
Couple + Visual Concept = Story
Work away from iconic settings
Atmospheric texture produced by a balance of ambient and studio lighting
Infuse image with an editorial feel


LunahZon Photography,
In the moment
Utilize natural textures
Emphasis on movement and action
Embraces “different” couples, ideas, and techniques: fun & funky in all respects
Shoots through objects to give additional color and pop


The Schultzes,
Use wide apertures, which creates a very shallow depth of field
Drawn to using soft, natural backlight
Warm, soft, slightly muted tones for post processing
Clean & Simple


Sean Pressley,
High contrast lighting—many times artificial
Editorial style
Intimate close portraiture
Use of strobes, whether indoor or outdoors


Nathan Abplanalp Photography,
Simple and timeless composition
Primarily soft light sources for a dreamy quality
Posed yet candid feel


Smitten & Hooked,
Off-camera lighting for drama
Use of negative space
Background simple and clean
Wide-angle lenses
Slow shutter to catch movement

Special Thanks
Hair by Rebekah McCann and Leigh Claiborne, Orange Olive Hair Gallery
Makeup by Champa
Bride & Groom: Tiffany & Michael Tarver
Shot on location: Solstice Tavern, Heist Brewery, and the neighborhood of NoDa

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