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11/20/2013 10:21 AM

11/22/2013 11:19 AM

The first wedding dress I ever saw was on a Barbie. It was a crisp white ball gown, complete with puffy sleeves and a bustle in the back. It was made out of scratchy cheap tulle, polyester and couldn't be without a healthy dose of glitter. It was the most beautiful dress I have ever seen and my 4-year-old self wondered if I would ever get to wear something so fancy. While I didn't have an ornate ball gown, I did have my mother's old white slips and some glass slippers, which may or may not have been jellies. And I would throw on some beaded necklaces, dust some pretend blush across my cheeks and head off to the ball. 20 years later, on a warm June day, my mother was helping me slip into my own wedding gown. It was strapless, with a soft tulle overlay complete with delicately embroidered flowers. My veil was trimmed with a bit of sparkle and my cheeks were dusted with real blush. With a bouquet in one hand and my father's arm in the other, I headed down a grassy aisle dusted with rose petals towards the love of my life. It was the most beautiful I had ever felt inside and out and it was much more than I had ever dreamed. Marrying someone, of course, isn’t about the dress or the veil but they were like adding the finishing touches on a work of art. Some people may not notice the small details of a bridal look but they make the moment. I mean, Cinderella didn't have those mice helping her for nothing. Bustle & Blush is a blog about those little details from the dress to the eyelashes. And if you decide to stick around each week; get ready to gush about gorgeous brides, chat about our favorite beauty products, check out new hair ideas, and get real with how-to's. If there's one thing in the world I love (besides my husband, of course) it's fashion and beauty, and I'm so excited to share my passion for pretty things with all of you.

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